Cruises from Spain

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The splendour of historical Europe becomes a full and rewarding experience for those choosing from a fantastic selection of cruises from Spain. A cruise affords you the comfort of a luxury floating hotel, heading you to a journey never quite possible by land within the same time span.

It’s only natural to want to escape from the everyday routine and with this region you will discover unique beaches, mountains, cities and cuisine in an endless abundance.

Start planning the next get away and get ready to hang up that ‘closed for holiday’ sign. Consider taking a cruise holiday. It is ideal for those who wish to visit more than one destination, whilst never having to re-pack or unpack more than once.

Spain is a great starting point for a cruise holiday that leads to so many important historical points of interest and the unsurpassed beauty of its destinations.

Cruises from Spain leave from various ports including these busiest.


The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona, is capital of the autonomous Cataluña region. Barcelona presents a unique blend for the art aficionados, families with children and history buffs. The notable landmark of the city is the architectural Gaudi wonder, Sagrada Familia and of course La Pedrera. Exhibits of modern art at the Picasso Museum and Romanesque and Renaissance paintings at The National Art Museum of Catalonia (NAMC) are just a few sampling of the numerous museums in Barcelona.

La Pedrera by Gaudi


Malaga is Based in the providence of Andalusia, this region comprises most of Spain’s land and is closer to North Africa than Barcelona. The Sierra Nevada offers the highest snow covered mountains, drawing skiers worldwide. The famed seaside Costa del Sol simmers in temperate weather and perpetual sun in a great contrast of geography. Roman temples, Arabic mosques and Gothic cathedrals are dented throughout the region.



Valencia has climbed the ranks on its own. It doesn’t take long to realise that Valencia is a place with wonderful ambience and a very distinct Spanish feel filled with oranges, fiestas and birthplace of Spain’s national dish, Paella. Originally, the entire city was encased by a great wall surrounding it, with some buildings still intact. Within the past ten years, a more modern Valencia has rose near its port including the Oceanarium L’Ocean 0 Grafic.

From Spain you can travel to the eastern and western Mediterranean, as well as to the Canary Islands and repositioning transatlantic cruises to the other side of the pond.

L'Ocean 0 Grafic Valencia

Examples of Ports of Call

Civitavecchia, Italy – All roads lead to Rome from this port and get an up-close look at ancient Roman life.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – An attractive city with red clay roofs and its beauty is designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Kusadasi, Turkey – Ephesus contains an impressive ancient Greek – Roman city that is still under renovation.

Livorno, Italy – Livorno serves as the gateway port to Pisa and Florence.

Messina, Sicily – Check out the volcanic Mt. Etna spurring its power.

Naples, Italy – Pizza was born in Naples amongst its impressive collection of Renaissance and Baroque buildings with Mt. Vesuvius as its backdrop.

Piraeus, Greece – Piraeus leads to the Acropolis in the original cradle of democracy, the city of Athens.

Venice, Italy – The scenic canals and St. Marks Square with its lack of autos, make the city streets in Venice a pedestrian haven.

Selecting a cruise that visits as many or as little destinations is easy with many cruise lines offering itineraries from these ports. Spain is the place to begin a cruise holiday, which can range from a few days to a fortnight or more. Although schedules and itineraries change, you will always find a ship that is leaving for somewhere out of Spain all year round.

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